What is the Sealing of a Record?

The sealing of a criminal record makes it no longer publicly available. The statutes authorizing the sealing of records are Ohio Revised Code section 2953.32 & 2953.52. While it is believed the following information is accurate, you should consider consulting an Ohio attorney to help you with the record sealing process. If you cannot afford a lawyer, the Legal Aid Society (1-800-277-9098), may be of help to you.

Eligibility Guidelines

Only first time offenders can have a record sealed.

The sealing of a record for a misdemeanor cannot be filed until at least one year from the defendant's final disposition. All court costs and any fines or restitution must be paid in full before you can file. Convictions where your original felony charge was dropped to a misdemeanor, at least one full year must have passed, and fine/costs, etc, must have been paid before an expungement is filed.

You must not have any other felony or misdemeanor conviction of any pending cases.

If you were found not guilty or the case was dismissed in court, you must wait until that finding is journalized before filing.

There are several other reasons your case may not qualify, such as a specific charge. Please seek legal advice.

If you qualify to have your record sealed, the filing for Avon Lake Municipal Court is $50.00.


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